Happy clients is what it's all about.

Dirty Deeds has empowered an otherwise small business to have a substantial online voice which has facilitated meaningful and valuable engagement with our customers.

Through James’ help we have built a more profitable and more visable brand.
— Richard Seymour, Mount Zero Olives
James came to me as a customer and let me know that we could be doing things a lot better in the marketing space, in his words ‘Mate, you’ve got the best-tasting milk in Australia, let’s give more people a chance to taste it!’

Since we acquired his assistance we’ve grown our social media community by more than 200%, launched an email newsletter that allows us to talk directly to consumers and he’s also helped us navigate through a rebrand.

If you want marketing support from someone that cares about your business, won’t drown you in marketing mumbo-jumbo and is generally a joy to work with - hire Dirty Deeds.
— Simon Schulz, Schulz Organic Dairy
With James’ help we’ve been able to crystalise our brand story and gain more interest from our industry related media.

James was able to drill down on what makes our business unique and give us a better understanding of the options available to us in the PR space.
— Jonathan Ben-Zovim, Ben-Tovim Design