Mount Zero Olives

Quality product and exceptional taste are the non negotiables for the Seymour Family, owners of a Northern Grampians olive grove for over 20 years.

Arriving at the Mount Zero offices for the first time I was aware that they had a loyal staple of Victorian and broader Australian customers. With a strong presence in restaurants, cafes, farmers markets and boutique food stores they were doing so many things right. So how could they do any better than they were already doing?

First we focused on the channels that they were already utilising and set about optimising, reengineering and implementing best-practise, this included new thinking around Social Media, Email Marketing and PR. From there, we looked at other opportunities and we are proud of how far Mount Zero has come since taking us on.

Read about Mount Zero’s pink lake salt harvest here


Schulz Organic Dairy

Schulz Organic Dairy has proudly been at the forefront of organic farming since 1971. Across three generations of dedicated farmers, they’ve been producing the highest quality milk from their single herd of healthy Fresian and Jersey cows.

They process their dairy with great care and attention to detail in small batches at their farmhouse factory in Timboon and add nothing but natural ingredients to their products. Their delicious range includes milk, yogurt, cream and quark made from their very own dairy milk, renowned for its rich, creamy texture. 

Dirty Deeds has assisted in a rebrand, developing a strategic marketing plan and has rolled out a key sustainability initiative in Schulz's glass milk bottles.


Milawa Cheese Co.

David & Anne Brown founded Milawa Cheese Company in the historic Milawa Butter Factory in 1988, and set out to make delicious Australian farmhouse cheeses inspired by European methods. They first started out making a blue cheese unlike any currently then being made in Australia; a creamy soft blue that tickled the palate and married perfectly with a ripe pear.

Thirty years on they now make a wide variety of cheese from local goat and cows milk producers and have a large showroom and tasting facility that is recognized in a Lonely Planet Guide to Australia as “an absolute must stop in the Milawa Gourmet region. It excels at soft and washed rind cheeses.”

Alongside assisting Milawa with a rebrand that has reinvigorated customer demand, Dirty Deeds has helped Milawa to develop a strong social media strategy and consult on event scheduling and production.


Ice Cream

The Crooke family are fourth generation dairy farmers and have been farming the Gundowring property since 1945.  In 2003 Stephen and Sarah Crooke wanted to take on a new challenge and create something unique with their premium quality milk. The first commercial batch of Gundowring Finest Ice Cream was churned later that very year and sold at a local farmer’s market to great acclaim. 

Gundowring only use fresh, rich, creamy milk from their herd of  Holstein cows which are then combined with the best regional and seasonal ingredients including superb quality locally grown fruits, nuts and honey. Environmental biodiversity is just as important as mouthwatering ice-cream and the Crooke's are committed to respecting and preserving the integrity of their inherited property.

Dirty Deeds has assisted Gundowring in content creation, community and social media management and consult on event scheduling



After a handful of successful pop-ups at Alpha Box & Dice winery, Pizzateca finally put down its very own roots mid-way through 2016 in South Australia’s famed wine region, McLaren Vale. The local business is truly a family affair with Tony Mitolo working with his father Vito working and good mate Tim Anderson. The Mitolo duo already have a background in good produce, working together as winemakers under V. Mitolo & Son.

At Pizzateca you’ll find mouthwatering, wood-fire pizzas and fantastic wine, all of which can be enjoyed while sitting in the sun, surrounded by gum trees and rolling hills. Tony has dubbed the fresh pizzas “Oztalian”, with flavour influences from his journeys around the world including America, Italy and (of course) Australia.

Dirty Deeds has assisted its first South Australia client, Pizzateca, with content creation, community and social media management, consultation on event scheduling and creation of promotional materials

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